2017 Avon Lake Farmers Market Vendors

Avon Lake Farmers Market Vendors

We’re pleased to announce the initial list of vendors for the 2017 Avon Lake Farmers Market! More vendors may be added throughout the season so stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page, Twitter and our website this season. You can also follow us on Instagram to see pictures from the market each week.

  • Casa de Kelly LLC
    • All-natural laundry and bath supplies
  • Coleman Gardens, LLC
    • Organically grown produce and herbs
  • CRE8IONS by K8
    • Reclaimed wood signs, art
  • Elk Creek Honey
    • Honey and honey products like lip balm, etc.
  • Fresh2u Coffee
    • Freshly roasted coffee in various flavors, cups and beans
  • Gitta’s Table and Wine
    • Pastries, salads, cookies, muffins
  • H & W Organic Farms
    • Organically grown produce, eggs, meat
  • Oven 51
    • Pizza dough, bread, crackers
  • Stumpwater Farms, LLC
    • Maple syrups
  • Naked & Happy Farms, LLC
    • Organic eggs

Our first market is Tuesday June 6th at the Avon Lake United Church of Christ (32801 Electric Blvd). The 2017 Avon Lake Farmers Market goes from June 6th – September 26th.  There is no market on July 4th. Interested in becoming a vendor? Contact [email protected] See you there!

August 30, 2016 Market



32801 Electric Blvd (Avon Lake United Church of Christ) on August 16 from 3-6 pm

  • This is the last market of the season—stock up on staples like Maple Syrup, Coffee, and Laundry Detergent to tide you through the fall!
  • Giveaway: We’re finally giving away EGGS! The 75th market shopper wins!
  • Plant Exchange: As always, bring extra plants from your garden or take a new one home! This is a free event for everyone!


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For more information read Let’s Preserve Sweet Corn.