How Do I Know If My Betta Fish Is Eating?

Betta fish are relatively easy to care for as compared to other pets and even other fish. But what and how they eat plays a big role in their well-being. So it’s important to know how to take care of its dietary needs. They’re extremely easy to care, so make sure you feed it the best betta fish food and you’ll pretty much not need to worry about anything else related to your betta fish.

Appetite-related questions are the most common when it comes to Betta fish. Overfeeding is a very common issue. They need to have a protein-rich diet as they are primarily carnivores. You also have to feed it the food of high quality. It’s very easy to get confused as to what food you should buy for it, and that’s why we’ll help you decide on the basis of the information given below.

Their Diet

How Do I Know If My Betta Fish Is Eating?

These fish are insect-eating carnivores, and even though many have a notion that they can survive on plant roots alone, it is wholly untrue. The best food for betta fish is a protein-rich diet without a lot of fiber.

As it is difficult to make live food the main part of your fish’s diet, it’s the most convenient and healthy to feed it pellets, frozen and live foods and flakes, each of high quality.

They have very short digestive tracts and thus do not process corn and wheat, also known as filler food. Feeding them filler foods can make them bloated and cause other digestive issues like constipation. Fillers provide no benefit nutritionally to the betta fish, who just excrete it out as waste. Therefore it is important to steer clear of filler foods and give them food containing some fiber and moisture in order to aid their digestion.


Pellets are the most common food given to betta fish by their owners. It is considered the best betta fish food you can feed it. Good quality pellets will contain less amount of fillers and more protein. Some pellets expand after they’re put into water. If you own those types of pellets then you should soak them first before feeding so that you do not misappropriate the portions and overfeed your fish. This is especially necessary if your betta fish likes to pounce at food as soon as it is put in the tank.

Freeze-Dried Food

How Do I Know If My Betta Fish Is Eating?

Freeze-dried food is also great because it introduces some of a betta’s natural diet into its routine, however, it cannot completely replace them, as freeze-dried foods are produced by removing moisture from the food and adding fillers to give it better shelf life.

It should be soaked in water before feeding it to your betta fish so that it can absorb some moisture, otherwise, your fish could end up constipated or bloated. This type of food is, however, free of bacteria and parasites.

Betta Flakes

You can buy flakes specifically made for betta fish at the store too. It is important to note that they cannot eat any other fish flakes as only betta fish flakes will provide it with adequate amounts of protein.

They often refuse to eat these flakes and the flakes can be found in the water. This means that you are overfeeding the fish despite its appetite, and you need to put less amount of flakes into the tank.

How often to feed a Betta fish?

How Do I Know If My Betta Fish Is Eating?

A lot of the times even the instructions given on the food packets can be misleading. Their suggestions often lead to ill-health for the betta and deteriorated quality of water. The betta ends up overfed and the whole ordeal produces a lot of waste.

Adult fish are to be fed once, and the babies, or fry, are fed twice. Since the stomach of a betta fish is the size of its eye, they do not need to eat a whole lot, but that would depend on the level of activity your betta does during the day. Their fish have a greedy nature and will try to eat how much ever you feed them, and hence, indigestion and constipation is a very common complaint amongst betta fish owners. In extreme cases, it might cause obesity, bladder issues, or even death.

These fishes are to be fed very little, as much as 2 or 4 pellets, twice a day at the most. Most people make Sunday a fast day for their betta fish to maintain digestive health and in order to not overwork their bodies. A betta fish can go without food for almost two weeks, so it’s always better to not feed it than overfeed it.

Won’t Eat?

How Do I Know If My Betta Fish Is Eating?

Betta fish can be picky eaters, and this can happen due to many reasons. Sometimes, they’re just undergoing stress and hence they do not eat due to that.  They normally resume their usual eating habits once it adjusts to its surroundings.

Water colder than 76 degrees Fahrenheit can also cause your fish’s loss of appetite, due to slowing down of their metabolism.

Sometimes they also start eating less as they become older. This is natural in their course of life, and it is best left alone at such a time.

Sometimes, a betta not eating might indicate that it is sick. Quite like humans, they also do not feel like eating a lot when sick. When none of the other causes given above exist, it is best to take it to a vet and get it tested for illness or disease so that it has a chance of recovering in time. Once a betta fish is nursed back to health, it will resume eating as it normally did.

Sometimes a betta fish will simply spit food out of its mouth. That is a sign for you to change the brand or type of food you’re feeding them because they’re picky eaters sometimes.

Feeding a betta can be tricky business, but it still is a great fish to have as a pet, mainly because of how low-maintenance and cost-efficient they are as compared to other more conventional pets like dogs, cats, or even goldfish.

How to Leash Train a Rabbit?

How to Leash Train a Rabbit?

When you see an active rabbit, your heart and mind would convert into fresh mode. Think how great it will be when you grow a rabbit in your home. Sure, it would credit you lots of happiness. When you had planned to grow an active rabbit in your home what are the steps that you have to do? It would be a great question mark. To get clarified with it there is a need for you to know something about it.

As like the other pets the rabbit would have its own distinct personalities. They are listed below

  • They are playful along with its friend.
  • When compared to other pets it is more energetic.
  • It is quirky as well as loving.

How can you make your rabbit to stay happy?

How to Leash Train a Rabbit?

As an owner of the pet there is a need for you to know to teach them multiple tricks and strategies. That is from fetch and jump till the other required tricks.

Steps involved in leasing a training that you really want to know

  • Before starting your leash there is a need for you to earn their trust.
  • You should be patient and spend a lot of time along with it.
  • After that slowly you have to introduce it to leash and rabbit harness that to through letting it stiff. During that time you have to play with it.
  • Don’t spare a lot of time in training.
  • Choose the required outdoor where it is flexible and comfortable.
  • It is required for you to give your rabbit a safer treat when they started pushing the leash.
  • Immediately when you found your rabbit is comfortable with it there it is required for you to leave it off.
  • You can leave it as like that when it is comfortable with. But in case when you feel it is distress then immediately there is a need for you to remove out.
  • When you feel ready there is a need for you to attach out the leash along with your pets harness and let your rabbit feel gentle tugs which redirects (that dependents based on time).

Actually what is the best time to start your leash training?

How to Leash Train a Rabbit?

The age is not considered as the important factor. It dependents based on how far your rabbit take to his leash. One thing that you have to keep in your mind and that is the older rabbits might have pain from the arthritic so that could inhibit out the ability to leash and trained. After giving a proper training to your rabbit you can take them to different exciting world which is safe for your rabbit. That too when you are teaching your rabbit about how to behave while they are leashed would certainly open up the wide array of new activities.

How to know which rabbit harness is best?

How to Leash Train a Rabbit?

In olden days it is easy for you to find out the best rabbit harness. It is because only few models would be available so that you can stay free and happy with. But now it is just reverse to that, when you start searching you can find out a lot of fascinating and different kinds of rabbit harness that is available for you.

Why you have to put this much effort in choosing it?

  • That is when you have choose a wrong once then sure there are lots of changes are there that would sure end up with your rabbit choking that is unable to breath.
  • Predicting out the right rabbit harness would plays a vital role for ensuring your rabbit respirators it proper.

Top harness that might sure fulfill your rabbits wish

How to Leash Train a Rabbit?

  1. MEWTOGO – It is adjustable as well as easy to handle.

It provides a great holding for your bunny on the same way to prevent from the slipping out that too without restricting any movements. The strong Velcro would give you a peace of mind and adds the security level higher.

Additional features
  • It put the bunny comfort.
  • The material is designed with high quality.

  2. Niteangel soft and perfect leash for rabbit – With elastic support

The harness would acts as a best choice for you to use that would obviously add a great plus point. It would come out with a Velcro and clips that would make it easy for you to attach and detach.

Highlighting features
  • It is an elastic leash that is made up of with nylon.
  • It is designed with the desirable and good anti-choke mechanisms.
  • This product acts as a great choice and it is suitable for the adult rabbits.
  • The circumstance of the stomach would be 20 to 30 cm.
  • Its neck would be 16 to 20 cm.

  3. Calunce soft and stylist harness

It acts as a great harness that suits for the hard wearing mesh materials and nylon. So that it would be durable and provides the long lasting effort. It comes out with the soft padding support so you would know that your rabbit would be comfortable as possible when you are wearing it.

Interesting features
  • It is more flexible wit extra nylon strap and buckle.
  • Have an adjustable point at check and stomach.
  • Designed for the rabbit between 3lbs and 6lbs.

   4. Expawlorer harness with flexible leash

It comes out with a pack of 2 in which it acts as a perfect choice for you to have a multiple rabbits.

Rocking features
  • It is durable harness and made with the mesh support.
  • It is soft and adds a comfortable for your rabbits.
  • It’s easy to attach to your bun and just easy to remove with the use of Velcro.
  • After wearing that your rabbit body would be elastic leash which comes out with harness.

This are just few models as like this you can find out more when you make a search. If you have not used the harness start choosing the best once and use it. When you are using the useless harness remove and update to the new once.

2017 Avon Lake Farmers Market Vendors

Avon Lake Farmers Market Vendors

We’re pleased to announce the initial list of vendors for the 2017 Avon Lake Farmers Market! More vendors may be added throughout the season so stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page, Twitter and our website this season. You can also follow us on Instagram to see pictures from the market each week.

  • Casa de Kelly LLC
    • All-natural laundry and bath supplies
  • Coleman Gardens, LLC
    • Organically grown produce and herbs
  • CRE8IONS by K8
    • Reclaimed wood signs, art
  • Elk Creek Honey
    • Honey and honey products like lip balm, etc.
  • Fresh2u Coffee
    • Freshly roasted coffee in various flavors, cups and beans
  • Gitta’s Table and Wine
    • Pastries, salads, cookies, muffins
  • H & W Organic Farms
    • Organically grown produce, eggs, meat
  • Oven 51
    • Pizza dough, bread, crackers
  • Stumpwater Farms, LLC
    • Maple syrups
  • Naked & Happy Farms, LLC
    • Organic eggs

Our first market is Tuesday June 6th at the Avon Lake United Church of Christ (32801 Electric Blvd). The 2017 Avon Lake Farmers Market goes from June 6th – September 26th.  There is no market on July 4th. Interested in becoming a vendor? Contact [email protected] See you there!

August 30, 2016 Market



32801 Electric Blvd (Avon Lake United Church of Christ) on August 16 from 3-6 pm

  • This is the last market of the season—stock up on staples like Maple Syrup, Coffee, and Laundry Detergent to tide you through the fall!
  • Giveaway: We’re finally giving away EGGS! The 75th market shopper wins!
  • Plant Exchange: As always, bring extra plants from your garden or take a new one home! This is a free event for everyone!


Enjoy summer-fresh corn all year with freezer preservation—it’s easy!

Frozen corn on the cob is prepared by blanching small ears (1 1/4 inches or less in diameter) for 7 minutes in boiling water; medium size ears (1 1/4 to l 1/2 inches in diameter) for 9 minutes, and large ears (over l 1/2 inches in diameter) for 11 minutes. Cool in several changes of cold water and drain. To package, fill into quart or half-gallon freezer bags. Squeeze out air, seal, label, and freeze.

For frozen cut corn, blanch for 4 minutes, cool, and cut kernels from the cob at about three-fourths of their depth. Fill pint- or quart-size freezer bags to a level of 3 to 4 inches from their tops. Squeeze out air, leaving a 1-inch headspace, label, and freeze.

Corn kernels can also be individually frozen before packaging so that small portions can be removed from the freezer bags. Spread corn kernels on a cookie sheet or shallow pan and place in the freezer for a few hours until they are firm. Remove from the freezer and scrape the kernels into a freezer bag. Squeeze out air, seal, label, and return the frozen corn to the freezer.

Research has shown that unblanched super sweet corn can be held in frozen storage for up to 8 months without significant loss of flavor quality. Beyond 8 months of frozen storage, however, the blanched corn was preferred by a taste panel. The storage life of frozen corn is likely to vary depending on the variety used and growing conditions for a particular year.

So a good rule of thumb is that if the corn is to be eaten within the same year it is grown, itmay not require blanching. However, for longer term frozen storage, blanching will result in a higher quality product. 

For more information read Let’s Preserve Sweet Corn.