September 15, 2015 at 32747 Lake Road (Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church) 3-7 pm:

  • GRASS-FED AND ORGANIC cheese from Ohio Direct!
  • The freshest coffee in town from Fresh2u!
  • Fresh fruits from Harvest Moon Micro Farm!
  • It’s almost fall—stock up on Gray House Pies’ Apple Pie.
  • Onions, lettuce, carrots, and flowers from Lettuce Heads Farm!
  • New scents, like Lavender & Peppermint, from Turtle Island Soap Co.
  • Honey and honey-related products like bee pollen!
  • Elle Marie Designs has been bringing hair accessories to the market all season—have you taken a look?
  • Placemats and photos from The Styes!
September 15, 2015